In hectic times, willpower leaves... 
3 Simple Willpower Strategies 
For Women Who Hate 
Sticking to a Nutrition Plan    
 Advanced issues found

... and is fed up with feeling like they have no willpower and wants to feel healthy while enjoying food again.

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About Me! 
Who Am I?
Hi I’m Sue!  I’m 55, a wife, mom to 4 grown children,  and a  healthy habits expert who helps women become more confident to believe in themselves while doing the things they already know they should do.

And I am so glad that you’ve found me! 😊

As a mom who used to struggle with self sabotage and jumping from one nutrition plan to another, yo-yo dieting, and thinking there must be something wrong with me because I couldn't stay consistent with doing healthy actions, day in, day out.  

Now as a consistency coach and founder of the Balanced Warrior Method, I spend my time teaching other women how to stop the self sabotage and negative beliefs and get them to feel confident in their skin.  
The best part?  MY way no longer has me giving up what I LOVE to eat!  

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